About Rehomeyourstuff.co.uk

We all have "stuff" that we no longer want or need. It clogs up cupboards, garages and lofts, taking up space that could be put to better use, and when we finally get around to getting rid of it we simple throw it away, clogging up landfill sites and tips across the country.

According to the Environment Agency, Britain produces around 330 million tonnes of waste a year - a quarter of which comes from household and businesses. Of course, we can't eradicate waste completely, but what if we could make a dent in that figure, share some of the things we don't want and help the global push to recycle?

Welcome to Rehomeyourstuff.co.uk!

Launched in late 2007, Rehomeyourstuff.co.uk is a free and easy way to help you get rid of the things you don't want (or need!) and give them away to someone who might get some use from them. From children's clothes and toys to old washing machines and TV sets, we give you a simple and effective way to help yourself and the environment at a time when issues like dumping waste and global warming are at an all-time high.

So, how can you help?

Using Recycleyourstuff.co.uk couldn't be easier, thanks to our four step process:

Find those items you no longer have a need for.

Register with rehomeyourstuff and list them with us

Ease back into your armchair and wait for someone to request them from you

Email the requestor with details of how they can pick their stuff up

So where are the hidden costs?

There aren't any! None! Not a penny! Our site is supported by advertising from companies including Google and Amazon, which means the whole experience is free to use, as often as you want for as many items as you want!

You're sure there are no costs?

Yup, absolutely. Rehomeyourstuff's mission is to put "givers" in contact with "takers", how you actually exchange your items is up to you. Small items may be suitable for posting or low-cost courier services, bigger things may require picking up in person. We will put you in tocuh with other givers and takers, but how you arrange for items to be handed over is up to you!

So who's behind the site?

FlameRed Productions is an Internet design and consultancy company based in Hampshire. With decades of combined experience in programming, design, marketing and search engine optimisation we offer a full service for small and medium sized businesses - but that's not why we produced Rehomeyourstuff.co.uk.

We've been interested in the notion of Internet community for many years and decided it was time to give something back, we're financing this project ourselves and there's no "big business" behind us and at this time we have no interest in tying ourselves to a financial backer. Any money we make from this site comes from the advertisements which appear across our pages and as we grow we'll aim to do deals with couriers and carrier services with a view to giving our users the best value deals we can find,

Aren't we nice people? :)

How do I contact you?

We welcome your feedback, so if you have any ideas, or comments, please send us an email!

I'm from the press, how do I contact you?

If you're from the press, we'd love to talk to you! Please visit our press section for our news releases and other media - contact details are on our press releases which are available in environmentally-friendly, paperless PDF format.